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Welcome to Lake Harwinton tucked away in the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut.
A private lake community open for the enjoyment of its members and their families.  Swimming from our three sandy beaches, kayaking, fishing and boating with electric motors provide our members with a tranquil experience on one of the cleanest lakes in the state.
Association Taxes 
Association taxes were due on June 1st and the blue badges and parking permits for the year ending May 31, 2024 will expire on June 30th.
Members are reminded that starting July 1st, you will no longer be able to use the beaches, lake and association property unless you have paid your taxes and can show possession of the orange badge.
For questions, contact treasurer@lakeharwinton.com
Boating Safety on Lake Harwinton
With the coming of the 2024 boating and swimming season, it's timely to keep in mind the following boating policies
  • No boats powered by internal combustion engines are allowed, except for emergency or authorized Lake maintenance purposes.
  • Battery powered electric boat motors must not exceed the lesser of 2.25Kw or 3 hp rating total per boat.
  • Boats must be less than 20' long and less than 10' wide.
  • Prior to launching in the lake after use in any other body of water, the boat must have been cleaned thoroughly and dry for 72 hours, in order to prevent the introduction of foreign plant, animal, or microbial species.
  • When boats are not in use they must be pulled on shore, securely tied at the shoreline, or to a dock. 
The Compliance and Safety Committee would also like to remind members that Lake Harwinton is a small lake and it is used by many swimmers and boaters.   Given this, we are asking all boaters to please be careful and watchful of swimmers and small boaters.  We are also reminding boaters to ensure that they have adequate safety equipment for all passengers.


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Upcoming Events
Board of Governors Meeting
Monday, July 22nd, 6:30PM at Harwinton Town Hall
Monthly meeting
LHA Picnic
Sunday, August 11th, 5-7PM at LHA Ballfield
Annual get together
Board of Governors Meeting
Monday, August 19th, 6:30PM at Harwinton Town Hall
Monthly meeting
Board of Governors Meeting
Monday, September 16th, 6:30PM at Harwinton Town Hall
Monthly meeting
General Membership Meeting
Saturday, September 28th, 3PM
General Membership meeting
Board of Governors Meeting
Monday, October 21st, 6:30PM at Harwinton Town Hall
Monthly meeting


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