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The Lake Harwinton Association (LHA) was chartered by the Connecticut General Assembly in 1951 as a special services district to govern the Lake Harwinton area as a quasi-municipal body. Lake Harwinton is a private Association made up of approximately 450 members who pay taxes to access lake privileges. The LHA
Charter and Ordinances and other useful information may be found on our website www.lakeharwinton.com.

The association, which owns the lake and the network of roads surrounding it, enforces strict rules and regulations to preserve the lake’s virtually pollution-freewater. Motorboats and jet skis are prohibited, although sailboats and boats with electric motors are permitted. Fishing, swimming, and ice skating are also allowed at the lake.

The management of the Association is done on a volunteer basis. A Board of Governors is elected on an annual basis and are responsible for the operation and maintenance of all Association beaches and roads. The annual tax rate is decided at the April membership meeting after passing the budget. Officers are elected at the September meeting.
There are five Standing Committees that work with the Board of Governors to run and maintain the operation of the Association.

Administrative Committee: This Committee is made up of the Association’s Board of Governors President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. This Committee is responsible on an on-going basis and in collaboration with the Board of Governors, to develop and review Association Charter, By-Laws, Budgets, financials, and Policies/Procedures. In addition, the Administrative Committee will review and make recommendations to the Board of Governors regarding Long- and Short-term planning to enhance the quality of life at Lake Harwinton.

Roads and Infrastructure Committee: This Committee is responsible to develop, review and modify on a regular basis the long- and short-term policies and procedures development and maintenance of all Association owned land, roads, structures, bridges, dam, etc. 
Community Development Committee: This Committee is responsible to develop and implement with Board of Governor approval, events and activities that will enhance the quality of life within the Lake Harwinton Community.

Water and Watershed Committee: This Committee monitors, protects, and restores the watershed and water quality to preserve ecological integrity and enhance recreational value to LHA members.

Compliance and Membership Safety Committee: This Committee is responsible to develop and implement with Board of Governor approval, policies and procedures that will be circulated to the LHA Membership concerning parking on LHA property and utilization of the Beaches and the Lake.

• The waters of Lake Harwinton continue to be some of the cleanest water in western Connecticut. Occasionally there are outbreaks of green algae blooms, but this is part of the cycle of lake eutrophication.
• Water testing at the three beaches is done by the Torrington Area Health District and has consistently been far within the acceptable limits for clean swimming.
• The water committee, along with a water treatment professional, constantly monitors the weed/algae infestations.
• The water committee also works with a limnologist to monitor water quality and support our efforts to implement best lake management practices.
• Do not rake live weeds unless you are certain you are raking out the entire weed.
• Do not use fertilizers of any kind on your lawn. We cannot have both: If you fertilize to get a green lawn, you will end up with a green lake.
• Low-phosphate or non-phosphate detergents must be used in your laundry.
• Pump septic tanks regularly-every two to three years.

• Anglers, kayakers, canoeists, and boaters can all unknowingly spread unwanted organisms. To prevent the spread of invasive species into the lake, DEEP asks that boaters and anglers clean the bottom of boats prior to putting it into the lake.
• The Lake is stocked with Trout on an annual basis for our anglers fishing pleasure. There are no limits set on fish taken by members or guests.

• Each member will receive 2 membership cards and 2 Parking Passes upon full payment of the annual tax.
• Membership cards grant you use of the beaches and Lake Association property and must be displayed at all times.
• There is a LIMIT of 2 cards, with each card covering a maximum of 5 people (member + guests)
• Parking permits should be placed in the windshield when parking on Lake Association property.
• Membership cards are printed with your Lot Number. This number must be displayed on your boats.

• Refer to the Building Committee page on our website (www.lakeharwinton.com) for information on LHA Building Ordinances and the necessary forms and approvals required prior to applying for a Town of Harwinton building permit.
• Contact the Inlands/Wetlands Commission to obtain their approval prior to commencing work.
• Please remember that LHA Building Ordinances must be adhered to even if the town does not require a permit.

If you have an idea or suggestion, bring it to the general membership meetings in April and August. If you can’t wait, the Board of Governors meets monthly on the Monday -after- the- third- Sunday at the Harwinton Town Hall. Or you can use the Contact Us feature on our website at www.lakeharwinton.com. 
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