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Mission: Ensure building in the LHA zone is compliant to current LHA Ordinances
and assist LHA members in the initiation of building permits
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Owners of property in the Lake Harwinton Association (LHA) zone need to comply to the Town of Harwinton Planning, Zoning, and Inland Wetlands regulations, as well as LHA Ordinances.  The LHA Ordinances that are related to building are found at the end of this page.  Town of Harwinton regulations may be found on the town website, or by stopping in at town hall.
When applying for a town building permit, a Lake Harwinton Septic and Tax Compliance Form is required to verify that your taxes are current and that your septic tank has been pumped out within the last three years.  Please fill out the form (for copy click here: Compliance Form), attached proof of septic tank pump-out, and fax, mail, or deliver to Lake Harwinton Regulation Enforcement per the instructions on the form.  Regulation Enforcement will approve the form and send it to the Harwinton Building Official.  This form may also be referred to as a "Pre-Permit Approval" form.
LHA Ordinances must be adhered to even in cases where no building permit is required.  Please familiarize yourself with the ordinances below before beginning any project on your property, especially ones related to fences, erosion control, storage sheds, and lake shore or bottom disturbance activity.
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Lake Harwinton Association Ordinances Approved 03-27-17
(full copy is available on Documents page)
Section 4. Building and Sanitation
  1. Building Ordinances and Regulations.   The town of Harwinton ordinances, Zoning Regulations, and Inland Wetland and Water Course Regulations apply to all building activity within the Lake Harwinton area.  Any activity which requires a building permit from the town of Harwinton requires an official report, authorized by the Association Ordinance Enforcement agent, certifying property owner compliance to the following:
    1. Septic tank must have been pumped out and inspected within the last three years (written documentation is required).
    2. Association taxes must be current.
  2. Temporary Living Quarters.  Campers, trailers, motor homes and tents as temporary living quarters are prohibited.  Children’s play tents are permissible, provided building on premises provides full sanitation facilities.  Exceptions for limited periods may be granted by written resolution of the Board upon application and finding of special hardship, subject to the town of Harwinton zoning Regulations.
  3. Fences.  Stockade or other closed-type fences must not be erected higher than three feet nor within seventy-five feet of the shorelines high water mark.  Any exceptions to this regulation require written approval from the Association Board of Governors.  Fences not in compliance with this regulation must be removed at owner expense.
  4. Erosion and Sedimentation Control.    Any land disturbance activity in the Lake Harwinton area will require erosion and silt control measures such as silt fences or hay bales.   A land disturbance activity is any land change that may result in soil erosion from wind, water and/or ice and the movement of sediments into or upon waters, lands, or rights-of-way, including but not limited to building construction or demolition, clearing and grubbing, grading, excavating, transporting and filling of land.  The control measures must be maintained throughout the disturbance activity until such time as the disturbed soil has been completely stabilized.
  5. Storage Sheds. Structures used for storage of lawn furniture and equipment, and other household uses, must be a minimum of 50 feet from the shoreline, with a minimum side yard of 10 feet, and less than 200 sq ft in total area.  When agreeable to adjacent property owners these sheds may be placed "back to back" on a mutually agreed boundary.  Storage sheds must be approved by the Lake Harwinton Ordinance Enforcement Agent.
  6. Piping To and From Lake.  No piping of any kind may be installed from the Lake into homes or cottages or vice versa.
  7. Lake Shore or Lake Bottom Disturbance Activity.
  1. Without approval from the Board of Governors and from the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission of the town of Harwinton, no person, by use of machines or power equipment of any kind, may dig, dredge or remove soil from the Lake bottom or bulldoze or otherwise move such soil from one place to a new location within the boundaries of the Lake, as the same are marked by the normal spring water line of the Lake. 
  2. Without approval from the Board of Governors and from the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission of the town of Harwinton, no person may construct any retaining wall that alters the boundary of the Lake as the same now exists and is marked by the normal spring water line of the Lake.
  1. Building Prohibition on Unimproved or Undeveloped Passways

               (see Ordinances in Documents for full text)

  1. Variances.  The Board of Governors is empowered to receive and hear a request for variance to a Lake Harwinton ordinance.  The variance request must be heard at a general or special meeting of the Board of Governors, and approved by a 2/3 vote of the entire Board of Governors.  The Board of Governors cannot permit any variance that is not permitted by Harwinton ordinances, Zoning regulations, and Inland Wetland and Water Course regulations.
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