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Mission and Goals: The Community Development Standing Committee is responsible to develop and implement with Board of Governor approval, events and activities that will enhance the quality of life within the Lake Harwinton Community.

Plans for 2024

1. Continue to develop the website as the ‘go to’ place for LHA membership
to gain timely and important information about the lake and to enhance LHA
community relationships.

2. In collaboration with the Association Treasurer and with outreach to the
membership, confirm correct information for existing contacts and increase the total number of Association Members represented in the database.

3. Develop and distribute electronically a poll to the Association membership to determine levels of interest in community development activities such as: swimming lessons for kids, ice skating with a fire pit party, summer boat party, community tag sale, other holiday, or seasonal events.

4. In collaboration with the BOG, facilitate the following Lake Association Community sponsored activities: annual community picnic, annual spring and fall clean-up days, volunteer appreciation gathering.

5. By reaching out to long-term Association members and by reviewing and incorporating existing documentation, write a comprehensive history of Lake Harwinton that can then be shared with members old and new.
What would you like to see happen in 2024 to enhance our quality of life together? We are looking for your ideas and assistance to establish goals to include as we move forward.

Chairpersons: Sara Conklin
Committee: Gail Rosin and Andrea Adair
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