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Rules and Regulations
Following is Section 2 of our current ordinances (rules and regulations), which relate to use of the lake and other association property, as approved on April 23, 2022.  There have been no changes or additions since this date.  The complete set of LHA ordinances may be found in the Documents section.
Section 2. Use of Lake and Other Association Property
2-1 Association Beaches, Beach Parking areas, and the Island. The following rules govern the use of all Association beaches and the island.
  1. Proper bathing attire must be worn.
  2. No animals permitted.
  3. No alcoholic beverages permitted.
  4. No smoking permitted.
  5. No glass containers or other glass products permitted.
  6. No motor vehicles.
  7. No boats on beaches or in swimming areas.
  8. No fishing while swimmers are present.
  9. Launching of boats from beaches is prohibited.
  10. A Membership Card must be in the possession of a member and/or guest and covers a maximum of 5 people
  11. All beaches and the island close at sunset.
  12. No jumping or diving off of bridges or any other structure located on Association property.
  13. No loud music on the beaches, the island, or on the lake while boating
2-2 Membership Cards and Guests. Upon payment of Association taxes for the coming year (June 1-May 31), and if all past taxes are paid, the treasurer shall issue a maximum of two membership cards and two parking passes to the member for the ensuing season. When using the lake, beaches, or other LHA properties a member or guest shall have in their possession a current Membership Card and prominently displayed parking pass in each member and/or guest’s motor vehicle. Misuse of membership cards/parking passes or other violations (dogs on beach, smoking, alcohol consumption, etc.) will be cause for the recall of Membership Cards by the treasurer or authorized agent of the Association and will not be reissued to such member without a roll call vote of the Board of Governors.
Members and authorized agents of the Association have the authority to check membership cards and parking passes. In the event that an unauthorized person is on LHA property, or a member/guest is in violation of an existing ordinance and refuses to cease and desist, the State Police may be contacted to rectify the situation.
2-3 Diving Boards, Free Floating Moorings, and Rafts. Diving boards, free floating moorings, and rafts not connected to the lot owner's property are prohibited.
2-4 Docks. Waterfront property owners may construct a dock. Designs/plans for new docks or existing dock renovations must be submitted to the Board for verification of compliance with ordinances. The dock, be it fixed or floating, shall: a) be less than or equal to one hundred square feet in area b) extend less than or equal to eighteen feet from the shoreline’s high water mark. c) not restrict other members from navigating the lake. Docks must be securely anchored to shore.
2-5 Numbering of Boats. No boat will be permitted on the lake or on any lake property unless the Association lot number of the boat owner is displayed on the side or rear of such boat, in letters and numbers at least two inches high and in contrasting color to the boat.
2-6 Boat Requirements. Boats violating the following requirements are prohibited from the Lake:
a) No boats powered by internal combustion engines are allowed, except for emergency or authorized Lake maintenance purposes.
b) Battery powered electric boat motors must not exceed the lesser of 2.25Kw or 3 hp rating total per boat.
c) Boats must be less than 20' long and less than 10' wide.
d) Prior to launching in the Lake after use in any other body of water, boat must have been cleaned thoroughly and dry for 72 hours, in order to prevent the introduction of foreign plant, animal, or microbial species.
e) When boats are not in use they must be pulled on shore, securely tied at the shoreline, or to a dock.
2-7 Gas Powered Engines. Vehicles and devices powered by internal combustion engines are prohibited from use on the Lake and on Association property, including but not limited to remote control vehicles, ATVs, minibikes, snowmobiles, snow blowers, and power augers. Registered motor vehicles may use Association passways and parking lots.
2-8 Ice Boats. No ice boats, whether wind or power driven, are permitted on Lake property or on the Lake itself at any time.
2-9 Aerial Activity. Parachuting, sky diving, and similar activities are prohibited on or over Lake Harwinton Association property. Unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, are not permitted over the Lake or over Association property unless written authorization is obtained from the Board.
2-10 Pets. Association members are responsible for their pets at all times, including monitoring the pet's wellbeing, protecting all people, property, and other animals from them, and preventing any noise, odors, activities or conditions disruptive to other members. Dogs must be leashed when on Association property. Pet owners are responsible to immediately and completely clean up all pet droppings.
2-11 Use of Firearms Prohibited. Discharge of firearms on any property within the Lake Harwinton Association is prohibited.
2-12 Passway and Right of Way Parking Ordinance. Any person, firm or corporation who at any time parks any vehicle or places personal property (for more than one hour) within the travel portion of any passway or right-of-way of the Lake Harwinton Association, or upon the shoulder thereof, will be fined one hundred dollars ($100.00). Each day of violation of this ordinance shall constitute a separate offense.
Whenever any vehicle is found parked in violation of this ordinance, it may be removed and conveyed by or under the direction of a member of the Board of the Lake Harwinton Association or its authorized agent, by means of towing, or otherwise, to a vehicle pound. The owner of said vehicle or any person entitled to possession thereof may reclaim said vehicle at said pound upon payment of the charges for such removal and impounding, said payment to be in addition to the penalty hereinbefore provided.
2-13 Mooring of Boats. Mooring or anchoring of boats for overnight storage is prohibited.
2-14 Parking of a motor vehicle on Association and/or personal property within 50' of the lake shore is prohibited.
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